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Terms and Conditions of Use



"Participant" is defined as an employee of Lendlease Corporation Limited or any of its wholly owned subsidiaries ("Lendlease") who has accepted these Terms and Conditions of Use.

"Program" is defined as Lendlease's online peer-to-peer reward and recognition program, Stellar and all its component parts.

"Website" is defined as www.stellar-recognition.com, Lendlease's online peer-to-peer reward and recognition program.

"Supplier" means Grass Roots Performance Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd provider of the Stellar Program and Website.

These Terms and Conditions of Use apply to Lendlease's online peer-to-peer reward and recognition Program, Stellar.

1. Acknowledgment and acceptance of Terms and Conditions

1.1. By accessing, using or browsing the Program and Website, the Participant agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use and the terms, conditions, disclaimers and limitations of liability posted in the rewards page by the Supplier on the Website ("Supplier Terms and Conditions"). Lendlease reserves the right to amend or update any of the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time without providing notice to the Participant. By using the Website, the Participant acknowledges that they have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and the Supplier's Terms and Conditions.

For further information relating to these Terms and Conditions of Use the Supplier's Terms and Conditions, please contact support@stellar-recognition.com.

2. Purpose

2.1. These Terms and Conditions of Use apply to Lendlease's online peer-to-peer reward and recognition Program, Stellar.

2.2. The objective of the Program is for Lendlease to have a company-wide reward and recognition program to identify and reward employees who demonstrate Lendlease's Core Values of Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, Excellence and Trust.

2.3. All Lendlease employees are eligible to participate in the Program. Wages employees are included with the exception of union employees in America.

3. Recognition under the Program

3.1. Employees will be automatically registered with the Program and will be provided with an online Program account via Lendlease's intranet, the Hive.

3.2. Employees can log onto their Program account to recognise any other Lendlease employee whose behaviour demonstrates Lendlease's Core Values. All such recognitions must be made in good faith.

3.3 Managers may also recognise an employee within their team.

3.4. Once an employee has been "recognised", an email notification will be sent to them and their one-up manager confirming the recognition. The one-up manager then has the absolute discretion to award the employee's recognition.

3.5. Managers are not required to reward an employee with an award every time the employee is recognised as part of the Program.

3.6. If an employee's one-up manager decides to reward an employee's recognition under the Program with an award, the employee will be rewarded with 70 points. These points can then be used by the employee to redeem merchandise and/or giftcards from the reward catalogue on the Website.

3.7. Whilst there is no expiry date on points, if an employee leaves Lendlease, any points not redeemed by the employee before leaving Lendlease will be forfeited.

4. Manager responsibilities

4.1. Managers have the absolute discretion to determine whether employees who are recognised will be rewarded with points, and may decide not to allocate points.

4.2. If a manager ceases to hold a managerial position, they will no longer have access to approvals for their previous direct reports in the system.

4.3. In exercising discretion when making decisions as part of this Program, managers must ensure that they act reasonably and in good faith to promote the objectives of the Program.

5. Redemption of Rewards

5.1. An employee's accumulation of points will be recorded on an activity statement. Employees can access their points balance in the points tab on the Website.

5.2. As part of the Program, employees who have been rewarded with points may redeem the points for rewards by logging onto their Program account ("Rewards").

5.3. The process of redeeming points for Rewards is externally managed by the Supplier. Employees wishing to redeem their points for Rewards should familiarise themselves with the Supplier's terms and conditions set for use of the rewards platform. These terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the rewards page on the Website.

5.4. Lendlease is not responsible or liable for any part of the reward redemption process set out in sections 5.2 and 5.3 above.

5.5. Unless otherwise specified by Lendlease, points are not transferable to any other person within Lendlease and can only be redeemed by the employee who was rewarded with the points.

5.6. Points cannot be redeemed for cash, cheque, bank deposit or any other kind of payment by Lendlease to the employee.

5.7. Employees may not pool, transfer or combine points with any other employee or person in order to redeem rewards.

5.8. Employees may not combine cash, cheque, bank deposit or any other kind of payment and points to redeem rewards. Rewards can only be redeemed by using points.

5.9. Points allocated as part of the recognition process under the Program will be credited directly to the recipient employee's Program account once the recognition is approved and closed by the final approving manager.

6. Lendlease policy adherence

6.1. Program interaction must be in line with Lendlease Code of Conduct, Social Media and other applicable policies including those listed below. You can view Lendlease's policies via the Intranet:

  • Social Media Policy
  • Continuous Disclosure Policy
  • Employee Code of Conduct Guide
  • Information Security Policy

Acceptance of these terms and conditions also constitutes acceptance of all Lendlease policies.

7. Tax

7.1. Employees participating in the Program acknowledge that any Rewards redeemed as part of the Program may be subject to fringe benefits tax (FBT), income tax, social security or equivalent local country taxes. The Rewards redeemed may be disclosed on their payment summary for the end of each financial year as a reportable fringe benefit or income received. The reported amount for taxation purposes for each redemption will include any delivery fees included in the points value of the item. Lendlease will complete all necessary withholding and reporting obligations in relation to these rewards from an employer perspective. Employees are not expected to bear the cost of any tax or social security liabilities due on the Rewards. If you require further clarification about your reporting obligations, it is recommended that employees contact their own local accountant or taxation adviser.

8. Privacy

8.1. Lendlease's Privacy Statement is applicable to the Website and explains how personal data will be treated as you access and interact with the Website. Please review http://www.lendlease.com/worldwide/footer/privacy-policy for more information.

8.2. What are Cookies?

Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that are placed on a computer's hard drive through the web browser. Cookies enable systems to recognise a particular browser and welcome the Participant back to the Website. By disabling cookies, the Participant will not be able to participate in some of the features offered by the Program.

Most internet browsers are pre-set to accept cookies. If the Participant prefers not to receive cookies, the internet browser can be adjusted to disable cookies or provide a warning if cookies are being used. As there are many browsers in the marketplace, the easiest way to change the settings is by searching for cookies in the Help/Contents and Index option on the browser.

The Supplier recommends that cookies are left enabled to prevent problems when redeeming earned points. Cookies used in the Program do not send back any information about a computer or any other information on a hard drive.

8.3. How is the information used?

Information provided is used in three ways:

  • To communicate to the Participant activity within the Program related to their Participant profile 
  • To enhance the Participant's recognition and reward experience. 
  • To generate a holistic but anonymous view of the Program Participant base. This information will allow Lendlease and the Supplier to analyse trends and demographics to help the Program improve on the services provided.

The Supplier intends to honour the Participants' rights to privacy.

8.4. Disclosing Information

Third party companies and individuals have been engaged by the Supplier to perform certain functions. These functions include delivery of purchases, trend analysis, marketing and promotions. All information disclosed to such third parties must only be used by them to perform their appropriate functions.

Lendlease reserves the right to pass on any information relating to suspected fraudulent activity to appropriate authorities.

8.5. Accessing Information

Personal information provided by the Participant can be viewed under My Account tab on the Website and can be changed by the Participant if the information provided is incorrect or out of date.

8.6. Other Privacy information to be aware of:

Lendlease recommends that Participants sign out or close their browser once they are finished shopping on the Website. This is to ensure that other people cannot access the Participant's personal profile.

Participants are responsible for the security and access to all shared computers and computers in a public place. The Participant is solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of their username and passwords and any account information.

Further Privacy information can be obtained in the Participant's local country Privacy Commission or equivalent website. For further assistance, email HR Services.